The Alliance of International Production Houses offered this training programme for producers for the first time in 2018. In so doing, it sought to display its commitment to a professional field that is becoming increasingly important in the independent scene. The Academy for Performing Arts Producers is devoted to training individuals in the realm of production expertise in the German and international context of the performing arts. It also seeks to highlight the role of independent producers in the triangle of partners made up by producers, artists and production houses. In workshop formats held under the guidance of experts from Germany and abroad, individuals are taught the legal and administrative basics as well as specific methods and tools for producing in Germany and in the international context. Instructors present networks and platforms and also work to develop strategies and models of producing arts on the independent scene.

The academy was launched in 2018 and continues to grow, each time drawing on the various insights garnered from the previous graduating class. The academy is developed and managed by Katja Sonnemann, an internationally active producer. Click here (Link) to read the OPEN CALL for the third edition of the Academy for Performing Art Producers, which will take place starting in January 2020.