Community of Practice

Idylla Silmarovi

Idylla Silmarovi is a scenic artist and researcher, holding a Master’s degree in Performing Arts. She investigates the intersections between art and activism within the performing arts, especially regarding the debate around memory as a right denied by coloniality. She networks with various social and artistic movements in Brazil. Idylla is the director of the Ka’adela project and the artistic director and creator of the platform Zona de Encontro and E.C.O.S – sudaka-oriented scenic experiments. She seeks to sink caravels. She is a Ka’adela who is interested in crowning Travestis* and tearing down colonial monuments.

*In Latin America, Travesti is one of the gender identities within the Trans population. It is also about reappropriating the word and transforming that what cisgender people continue to use pejoratively towards a place of potency and existence.

(c) Edgar Kanaykõ Xakriabá