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Mira Todorova

Mira Todorova is a theatre and dance scholar, critic, and curator based in Sofia, Bulgaria holding a Ph.D. in Theatre Studies. She has been a founder and artistic director of DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance in Sofia (2015 – 2022). She is also the co-founder and co-manager of the New Dramaturgies platform for research, development, and presentation of innovative practices and discourses in the field of contemporary performing arts. She has been a lecturer (Sofia University, New Bulgarian University), researcher, editor, and dramaturg for various artistic and theoretical projects. Currently she works as the chief dramaturg of the National Theatre in Sofia. She is an author of numerous reviews and theoretical articles in specialized media for arts and culture in Bulgaria and abroad. She has published a book on the postmodern dramaturgical adaptations and has been part of the collective book European Dance since 1989. Communitas and the Other, Routledge, 2014. In 2022 Mira Todorova has been a Fulbright visiting scholar in NYC working on research on the topic of the socio-political agency of contemporary dance. 

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