Tabori Award International 2023 for Eisa Jocson

We are very happy that Eisa Jocson will receive the Tabori Award International of the Fonds Darstellende Künste this year. The choreographer and dancer from the Philippines is closely connected to the houses of the Alliance. This year she led the Community of Practice of the joint festival Claiming Common Spaces. The award ceremony will take place on 17 May at HAU1. Our warmest congratulations!

Community of Practice at the Claming Common Spaces festival 2023 at Mousonturm in Frankfurt ©NOI CREW


On Visibility. Kulturjournalismus heute

From 5 – 7 May 2023, participants of the past three years of the Academy for Contemporary Theatre Journalism came together at the HAU in Berlin for an alumni network meeting. The event “On Visibility” with a keynote speech by Nikita Dhawan and the subsequent discussion with Joana Tischkau and Dorte Lena Eilers on 6 May at HAU3 was the public part of the network meeting around questions of journalistic reporting in the field of the performing arts.
The new year of the Academy for Contemporary Theatre Journalism run by Esther Boldt and Philipp Schulte starts in autumn! Information at:


Re_Generation Festival 05.-14.05.2023 FFT Düsseldorf

Re_Generation is a festival for pleasure, solidarity & healing. International artists, activists, and scientists will gather at the FFT for twelve days to introduce and try out practices that answer to a world that is exhausted in so many ways. How would we like to coexist in this world, in the future? Together with the visitors, they will try to approach this question as well as additional topics around depletion, renewal, and healing. The settings in which this happens are experimental and playful, sensual: A performance in a spa, a listening session full of scents and textiles, relaxed talks at dinner… You find the programme here.


On Visibility. Kulturjournalismus heute with Nikita Dhawan, Dorte Lena Eilers, Joana Tischkau – 6.5.23 at HAU3

Who receives publicity, on stage and in journalistic discourse? The Academy for Contemporary Theatre Journalism networks cultural journalists and analyses current forms of theatre and editorial routines. Now, HAU Hebbel am Ufer is offering the players a public platform: starting with a lecture by political scientist Nikita Dhawan, journalist Dorte Lena Eilers and theatre maker Joana Tischkau will discuss processes of scandalisation and attention economies.

The Academy for Contemporary Theatre Journalism aims to strengthen the increasingly precarious field of theatre journalism in the German-speaking world in the conviction that a public discourse on theatre, dance and performance is important for art and society. Since 2019/2020, the academy has been developed and run by Esther Boldt and Dr. Philipp Schulte. The panel “On Visibility” is the public part of a network meeting that will take place from 5-7 May at HAU Hebbel am Ufer.

Lecture & Panel
On Visibility
Kulturjournalismus heute
with Nikita Dhawan, Dorte Lena Eilers, Joana Tischkau
Moderation: Esther Boldt, Philipp Schulte
German and English
6.5.2023, 18:00h , HAU3


Nicoleta Esinencu with SINFONIE DES FORTSCHRITTS at the Impulse Theatre Festival 2023

© Ramin Mazur


SINFONIE DES FORTSCHRITTS by Nicoleta Esinencu has been invited to this year’s Impulse Theatre Festival showcase. Congratulations!


Online Forum VOICES IRAN

Under the title VOICES IRAN, we have launched an online gallery designed to provide a forum for submissions from Iran-based artists. In doing so, we hope to call greater attention to the struggles and dangers these individuals face. We are also eager to show our solidarity with prisoners and protesters in Iran, in this case by inviting Iranian artists to contribute their work to an ever-growing online platform. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the protest maintains its visibility and continues to form a key part of the public discourse. The focus is initially on artists in Iran who do not have easy access to platforms. In order not to endanger any individuals, some of the contributions are published anonymously. VOICES IRAN is a project organised by the Alliance of International Production Houses and curated by Ozi Ozar and Sahar Rahimi. The first two contributions can be found here.


Impressions from the opening of Claiming Common Spaces V: No One’s Land

Coming soon:



Claiming Common Spaces V: No One’s Land – Programme online

The programme of this years edition of Claiming Common Spaces is online. The festival on borders and communities takes place 9.-12.2.2023 at Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm in Frankturt am Main. The programme is curated by Lina Majdalanie and Maximilian Zahn. You can find the programme here.


Film Tour of the Fonds Darstellende Künste in the Houses of the Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser

On 21 January 2023, the premiere of the documentary film “DENNOCH! – zur Lage der Freien Künste” at the HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin marks the start of a film tour initiated by the Fonds Darstellende Künste to draw attention to the situation of the independent performing arts. Subsequently, all the houses of the alliance will show the film, framed by cultural-political discussions and the launch of the alliance’s publication “Producing Performing Arts” (Alexander Verlag).

21.01.23 HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Premiere)
02.02.23 FFT Düsseldorf (mit PACT Zollverein Essen, tanzhaus nrw u.a.)
08.02.23 Kampnagel, Hamburg
17.02.23 Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt/Main
28.02.23 HELLERAU, Europäisches Zentrum der Künste, Dresden


New publication: Producing Performing Arts

Alexander Verlag has published a book by the Alliance of International Production Houses: Producing Performing Arts. Aus dem Maschinenraum der freien darstellenden Künste


#TakeHeart Residenzförderung – 5th application round

The names of the funded groups and individual artists from the 5th application round of the #TakeHeart Residenzförderung can be found here.

Save the Date

Claiming Common Spaces, the annual programme series of the Alliance of International Production Houses, will take place from 9 – 12 February 2023 at Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm in Frankfurt am Main on the theme of the future of internationality. The fifth edition, called No One’s Land, focuses on the inter of nations – borders and borderlands – as well as on communities that do not organise themselves along nation-state lines. In performances, panels, concerts and workshops, activist, scientific and artistic approaches explore possibilities of international coexistence beyond nation-state principles.


Academy for Performing Arts Producers #6 – Open Call

Apply now for the Academy for Performing Arts Producers #6. Submission deadline is 31 October 2022.


Publication Claiming Common Spaces III – “Corona Iconics”

We are pleased to present “Corona Iconics”, a publication by the Alliance of International Production Houses, which was created as a participatory project with the audience as part of the third edition of the Claiming Common Spaces series initiated by the seven Alliance Houses. More here.

Spy on Me #4 @ HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin

For the fourth time since 2018, HAU invites you to “Spy on Me” – the festival of artistic manoeuvrers for the digital present, supported within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses. After the previous two editions having taken place online, this time, we’re pleased to be able to present artists from Berlin and around the world not just virtually but also on site, in the flesh. This year’s focus is on our “New Companions” – all those devices and programmes that so naturally accompany us through our everyday lives these days, from GPS to memes, face filters and virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri. But we’re also talking about old companions that are coming back into focus due to pandemics and climate catastrophes: fungi, plants, animals, microorganisms. Now that we live in a more-than-human world that includes all natural beings and artificial creatures, the challenge is to rethink this interconnectedness. “Spy on Me #4” imagines an alternative future where technology and nature are connected not in an ecology of exploitation but rather through constructive resonance.


Impressions from the opening of Claiming Common Spaces IV: Cool Down in HELLERAU


Impressions of Claiming Common Spaces IV: Cool Down at PACT Zollverein


Coming soon: Claiming Common Spaces IV

Claiming Common Spaces IV: Cool Down – programme online

Under the motto “Cool Down”, the fourth edition of “Claiming Common Spaces” will focus on our interaction with planet Earth from an artistic perspective. It will take place from 20 – 26 June at PACT Zollverein in Essen and from 1 – 9 July at HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts in Dresden. The programme is online!

Letter of intent to support the voices of Ukrainian artists in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and across Europe

On the initiative of Stas Zhyrkov, Intendant Left Bank Theatre (Kyiv/Ukraine), 70 cultural institutions, including the Alliance of International Production Houses, have so far signed the following farewell declaration, which was sent to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine on March 14: letter of intend.

Statement of Solidarity with the Ukrainian people

The Alliance of International Production Houses condemns in the strongest possible terms the invasion and start of war by Russian troops in Ukraine and the related blatant violation of international law. We are shocked by the extent of the violation of human rights, the violence against the Ukrainian population and the extraordinary threat to peace in Europe.

We declare our solidarity with all peace-loving people and we stand up for the protection of democratic, open societies. As internationally working production houses, we use our contacts and networks to give a voice to and stand by threatened artists and colleagues with our means and work programmes.

Here you find statements of Ukrainian artists: VOICES FROM UKRAINE

Альянс міжнародних виробників рішуче засуджує початок війни і вторгнення російських військ в Україну та пов’язане з цим різке порушення міжнародного права. Ми шоковані рівнем порушень прав людини, насильством проти українського населення та надзвичайною загрозою миру в Європі.

Ми заявляємо про нашу солідарність з усіма миролюбними людьми і стаємо на захист демократичних, відкритих суспільств. Як міжнародні виробникі, ми використовуємо наші контакти та мережі, щоб надати голос митцям і колегам, яким загрожує небезпека, і підтримати їх у наших можливостях та робочих програмах.


Academy for Performing Arts Producers #5 – Open Call

While the previous 3 academies were based on an application process, we held a special alumni edition in 2021 called ALLES ANDERS. The Open Call for the Academy for Performing Arts Producers #5 is now online and can be found here. Application deadline is November 15.


After CLAIMING COMMON SPACES had to be cancelled last year, Kampnagel has now developed a variant that can take place and yet is not a purely digital event. Piggybacking with the Live Art Festival, CLAIMING COMMON SPACES III will be experienced from June 03 – 13 at Kampnagel in Hamburg, but also partly in the cities of the alliance houses. WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREZONE is an experimental arrangement for a time in which we learn encounters again and anew. More information will follow shortly here.

Open Call: Corona Iconics
From 3 to 13 June 2021 Kampnagel in Hamburg will host the third instalment of CLAIMING COMMON SPACES, this time under the title WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREZONE. More information about the festival here.

In advance of the festival, the 7 members of the alliance are issuing an open call for participation:



Arts and Encounters Academy
The Alliance of International Production Houses created the Arts and Encounters Academy as a forum for networking and ongoing professional training for individuals who are already active in shaping the space between art and society – as well as for those who are interested in doing so in the future. Application deadline for the first edition was 5 April 2021.
Find further information here.


Statement by the “Initiative GG 5.3 Weltoffenheit

As representatives of public cultural and research institutions in Germany, we share a mandate from the state to promote arts and culture, historical research and democratic education and to make these accessible to the general public. Toward this end, we rely on a public sphere that welcomes controversial debates in accordance with the norms of the German constitution. At the center of our initiative lies a common struggle against antisemitism, racism, right-wing extremism and any form of violent religious fundamentalism. Please find here the statement (for English, sccoll down).