89/19 – Before/After

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November 09, 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall – an uncertainty, an accident, a calculated statement – the big party. A short moment of happiness – perhaps for everyone in East and West. This is followed by developments that, depending on one’s perspective, have taken place either predictably or surprisingly. 30 years after the peaceful revolution, after the so-called Wende, not only questions of German reunification and its consequences are relevant, but also questions of the social (pre)history of different social systems, divided into East and West.

With the festival „89/19 – Vorher/Nachher” HELLERAU artistically dedicates itself to questions of coming to terms with the past, contemporary analysis and visions of the future in social times of transformation and upheaval. As expected, biographical stories in particular play a major role in linking up with historical and contemporary issues. The artistic formats range from scenic concerts, performances and documentary pieces to literary adaptations. Films, installations and conversations provide a framework for discussing what has been experienced on stage and in personal life.

Oct 23 – Oct 26 2019

We’re used to being darker
go plastic Company (DE)

Oct 24 2019

Wir treiben die Liebe auf die Weide
Carsten „Erobique“ Meyer, Paul Pötsch und Lea Connert (DE)

Oct 25 and Oct 26 2019

Abolirea familiei/Die Abschaffung der Familie
Nicoleta Esinencu (MDA)/HAU – Hebbel am Ufer

I Am Not Ashamed Of My Communist Past
Sanja Mitrović (RS/BE)

Oct 26 2019

Gesine Danckwart (DE)

She She Pop (DE)

Oct 28 2019

Heimat ist ein Raum aus Zeit
Thomas Heise (DE)

Oct 29 and Oct 30 2019

Mit Echten Reden (1): Das Ellenbogen-Prinzip
Tanja Krone (DE)

Diesen Mangel nehmen wir persönlich
Adele Dittrich Frydetzki & Ko. (DE)

Oct 30 2019

Vladimir Sorokin
liest aus “Ljod. Das Eis”

Nov 1 and Nov 2 2019

Ljod. Das Eis
Proton Theatre/Kornél Mundruczó (HU)



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