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About The Feeling – Experimental Edition
Chefket, DJ Kasir, Alyssa, Dizzepticon Aufmischen

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About The Feeling: Experimental Edition Vol. 2 is about to kick off and we invite you to celebrate the hot temperatures with even hotter acts at Mousonturm.

With Alyssa, Dizzepticon, Aufmischen, Senz and Coodiny, we present you with an outstanding line-up of exceptional talents from the hip-hop scene, while Chefket is the headliner with his unique style and vibe as the highlight of the evening.

Chefket has flow, humor and, above all, originality in abundance. In addition to polished rap skills, the man with Turkish roots has an incredibly extensive vocabulary (in several languages) and a keen sense of observation. Chefket has catchy sounds and songs with messages, lyrics that touch everyone – from young to old. Live, he has the crowd under control – whether it’s a handful at the backstage cypher or tens of thousands in the big halls. It is not without reason that Chefket has already performed on stage in front of 50 Cent and with Marteria or Clueso. It is not without reason that he has songs with legends such as Sido and Samy Deluxe in his discography, raps and sings on beats by producer luminaries such as Farhot and Dexter and has shared the booth with new gen heroes such as Majan and Kalim. It is precisely this perfect blend of rap and pop appeal, subculture socialization and mainstream catchiness, cockiness, self-confidence, but also modesty and experience that defines Chefket.


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