Working Meeting Alliance of International Production Houses X The Stellar Approach

What do resilient organisations look like that are in tune with planetary boundaries and whose business models promote social justice?

Business has always been an important driver of social development. However, our linear understanding of business is increasingly reaching its limits – and creating more and more social and environmental problems in the process.

Today, we are in the midst of the greatest transformation of the late industrial age. The urge to act is acute: for many decades we have overstretched the limits of our own livelihoods. In addition, the costs of doing nothing have long since exceeded the costs of transforming businesses, as the effects of social and ecological crises are increasingly directed against our own business models. Pioneers of this paradigm shift are regenerative organisations. They are aware of their embeddedness in social and ecological systems, care about their well-being and use them as drivers of innovation.

Those who embark on the journey to transform their own organisation in a sustainable or even regenerative way face a daunting task. We won’t save the world in 90 minutes, but it can be a start. In the online work format “Stellar Learning Lunch”, Ella Lagé (The Dive) introduces the participants of the Alliance of International Production Houses to four regenerative principles and presents a tool in an interactive exercise that can be used immediately for their own work.

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Duration: 1 hr. 30 Min


Ella Lagé has many years of experience as a service designer, organisational developer and facilitator. As a climate activist, she knows from experience that determined teams can change the world. She once received the Bavarian Environmental Award without being asked for it for pragmatic fact-making. Together with the consultant:inside network The Dive, she developed the Stellar Approach.ach.