Artist-in-Garden-Residence: Environment

  • Action project

The Artist-in-Garden-Residence: Environment in HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts addresses artists of the performative arts who investigate in the relationships between nature, environment and art in their work.

Questions about the state and the future of the planet as well as one’s relationship to the environment are increasingly becoming a focus of artistic works.

Within the framework of the residence, a research question can be developed, an already existing topic deepened or a concrete discussion can take place. In this way, new perspectives on the topic and broad social discourses can be developed and made accessible from an artistic practice.

HELLERAU’s “Kulturgarten” offers an unique opportunity as a place of inspiration. Workshops, performances, concerts and festivals take place in the Kulturgarten. The results of the residence will be presented to the public in form of a workshop or tryout in HELLERAU.

The Artists in residence will be accompanied dramaturgically and networked with partners from science and the Dresden urban community according to their interests.

Two project applications will be selected from the entries.


Around 170 applications have been received for the Artist-in-Garden-Residence: Environment.

We are pleased to invite four artistic researches and projects within the residence program May/July 2020.

Romuald Krężel und René Alejandro Huari Mateus (PL/CO)
Chelsea Leventhal (DE/US)
Bence György Pálinkás und Eszter Kalley
Magdalena Weniger (DE)
Between sound installations and a research station in the Kulturgarten, the artists will also invite the public to join in perception, discussion and experiments.