(c) Kady Postma

Braiding Hair & Telling Stories

  • Workshop

In a workshop with the artist Fayo Said and her mother Mako, Black individuals have the opportunity to learn various braiding techniques for Afro-textured hair. Mako Said has been braiding hair since she was a little girl. For her and her daughter Fayo, braiding hair became a sacred Sunday ritual—a moment intertwined with laughter and storytelling.

Under Mako’s guidance, workshop participants can practice their braiding skills on hair models or on each other. After the approximately two-hour workshop, the WerkStadt remains open for a casual gathering with snacks and drinks.

The workshop is intended to provide a safe space for Black individuals and is therefore exclusively directed towards them.

Admission is free, registration at: werkstadt@pact-zollverein.de

Supported within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.