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Cie. Maguy Marin

  • Dance

There is a sharp wind whistling on stage that blows away all the beautiful dancing. It tugs at the clothes and hair of the performers, who cling tenaciously to their “normal” lives in a demonic whirl of noise in front of and behind mirrors. But the effects of the fat years are mercilessly upsetting their world. Here, the icon of French dance theatre Maguy Marin has already brought an iconic piece of enlightenment into the world in 2004, in which she makes us feel in an unpathetic but all the more insistent way how much time is pressing – still, or more precisely: even more so today!


02.07. Live audio description and tactile tour by Gravity Access Services Berlin for visually impaired visitors. The tactile tour begins at 7:00 pm. Registration at ticket@hellerau.org or +49 351 264 62 46.