• Dance

From minstrels lacking love to hip hop whirlwinds – Ouinch Oinch’s carnivalesque, queer sequence crosses epochs as it grabs bodies. An energetic explosion invites the audience to become possessed by the five performers, as if in an intoxicating bath, to join the dance while experiencing ego implosion. DJ Maud Hala Chami AKA Mulah plays music from Afro and hip hop cultures on her gleaming turntables.

HAPPY HYPE stimulates, massages, shakes up. HAPPY HYPE is a call to continue the quest for energy, far away in the depths of one’s own body. It is a call like a horn sounding that resonates from the ears to the feet to the breast with its low murmur, entering the eyes, the nostrils, the skin pores, the buttocks, treading its way to the inner organs, the bowels, the intestines, the heart, the liver, shriveling and becoming more intense to touch the membranes, the filaments, the cells, the molecules from which the desire for life springs.

Collectif Ouinch Ouinch develops explosive and glittering pieces in which they mix medieval fashion universes with contemporary club culture and futurist worlds. Public spaces become the site for their festive and inclusive rituals, their collective euphoria. HAPPY HYPE is a reflection on community and empowerment.

Duration: 50 min.

Dance: Adél Juhász, Collin Cabanis, Elie Autin, Karine Dahouindji, Marius Barthaux; Conception: Karine Dahouindji, Marius Barthaux, Mayorga Ramirez, Mulah, Nicolas Fernando, Simon Crettol; Choreography, Interpretation: Adél Juhász, Collin Cabanis, Elie Autin, Karine Dahouindji, Marius Barthaux, Simon Peretti, Victor Poltier; Live Music: Maud Hala Chami aka Mulah with the remix of SANTO; Production: Cie des Marmots, Le Voisin; Administration, production & promotion: Anna Ladeira / Le Voisin; Photography: Raphaëlle Mueller, Julie Folly, Quentin Bacchus, Jennifer Scherler.


Created in partnership with L’Abri-Genève, Le FAR Nyon, Co-produced by Belluard Bollwerk Festival. Supported by the Alliance of International Production Houses, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.