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Compagnie Dyptik

  • Dance

D-Construction is an energetic hip hop performance featuring a giant metal scaffold at its centre. The members of the audience will be seated on tanzhaus nrw’s Grand Stage, watching each other through the scaffolding’s struts and wire gauzes. Six performers begin a danced interaction with the object that is simultaneously keeping them captive and protecting them. They join forces to form a group and create a unity, only to immediately disperse again, re-claiming their uniqueness. D-Construction connects, inspires, and destroys to create something new.

Compagnie Dyptik was founded by choreographers Mehdi Meghari and Souhail Marchiche in France’s Saint-Étienne in 2012. Casually and with great confidence, Compagnie Dyptik has, since then, presented pieces dealing with issues such as identity, diversity, and the body. In their themes, they explore what it means to be a human being. Sometimes to exhaustion.

Duration: 35 min.

Artistic direction: Souhail Marchiche and Mehdi Meghari; choreography: Mehdi Meghari; dance: Evan Greenaway, Hakim Abdou Mlanao, Karym Zoubert, Katia Lharaig, Oscar Lassus, Silvia Addiego Mobilio; sound design; Patrick De Oliveira; lighting: Richard Gratas; set design: Bertrand Nodet.

A production of Compagnie Dyptik, co-produced by CNAR l’Abattoir / Chalon-sur-Saône, Quelques p’Arts… Centre National des Arts de la Rue – Scène Rhône-Alpes / Boulieu-lès-Annonay, Groupe des 20 Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes, Centre culturel de La Ricamarie, Le Tobbogan – Scène conventionnée Plateau pour la danse / Décines. Partners: Conseil Départemental de la Loire, the City of Saint-Étienne, ADAMI, SPEDIDAM, Théâtre de Tardy (Saint-Étienne), École nationale du cirque de Shems’y (Rabat, Maroc), the towns of Chambon-Feugerolles, l’Horme, St Chamond and St Hilaire de Riez. Compagnie Dyptik is subsidized by DRAC and the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region, as well as the city of Saint-Étienne.

Sponsored by the Alliance of International Production Houses, supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.