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Daniel Kötter
Gold & Coal

  • 360° Film Screening

The series ›landscapes and bodies‹ addresses the political, social and ecological consequences of mining and open-cast mining. The project explores local and global influences on landscapes and essentially how mining irreversibly alters the daily lives and living environments of local communities.

The chapter ›GOLD‹ looks at the overexploitation of the copper and gold mines of West Papua; ›COAL‹ in turn focuses on the re-naturalised Neuseenland (new lake land) of Leipzig. ›WATER‹ is an investigation of the continuous consequences of the extraction of raw materials in the Ruhr area and ›COLTAN‹ deals with the exploitative political and social structures of small-scale mining in eastern Congo. The four case studies draw parallels between distant places that have been seriously altered by resource extraction.

360° Film screening
In bahassa indonesian and english language & with german and english subtitles
Thu 23. 06. & Fr 24. 06.
from 12 h, always on the hour


360° Filmscreening
In collaboration with Yasmine Bisimwa, Olande Byamungu and Christian Muhigwa
In mashi and swahili language & with german and english subtitles
Sat 25. 06. & Sun 26. 06.
from 12 h, always on the hour

©D. Koetter

Gold & Coal:
Director: Daniel Kötter in collaboration with Helena Kobogau , Ikbal Lubys, Darlane Litaay & Yonri Revolt
Screenwriting & Dramaturgy: Daniel Kötter, Sarah Israel & Elisa Limberg
Producers: Daniel Kötter, Andrea Oberfeld, ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro mit Leoni Grützmacher
Location Manager West Papua: Yonri Revolt
Location Manager Saxony: Melanie Albrecht
Director of Photography: Daniel Kötter
Sound Recordings & Sound Design: Marcin Lenarczyk
Editing: Daniel Kötter