Detroit – Berlin: One Circle
The Box

  • Film
  • Installation

Between 30.5. and 2.6.2018 at HAU Hebbel am Ufer the festival “Detroit-Berlin: One Circle” traced the intimate relation of two repeatedly written off and yet symbolically over-determined places. Mainly in the pop-cultural consciousness of the 1980s, the two cities Detroit and Berlin invariably connected to the rapid development and dissemination of techno music. The reception and distribution of the kind of techno that emerged in Detroit in the 1980s – a sound that worked against the decline of the Fordist city after the onset of the country’s de-industrialization by evoking a utopian image of the future – also paved the way for Berlin to become a metropolis for electronic music. The festival does, however, not only focus on the rich musical exchange between both cities. It also takes the equally productive fields of artistic practice and urban policy debates into account. At HAU2 film- and video material from the festival and on the virulent relation of cities will be shown.