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FACE – (Un)cover Make-up-Tutorial

  • Workshop

Face filter, face swap, face tuning. My face = your face = our face? The face is our gateway to the world; we use it to express ourselves and it is what connects us to all of you. New technologies, however, are changing its political significance: who do the personal expressions and emotions on our faces belong to? How are they read, analysed, used and alienated in public space and on social media, and by whom?

In an interactive series of workshops, experiments will be made in order to use current and future technologies autonomously and politically.

In the workshop, we will speak with activists about face recognition software. Experts in artificial intelligence will provide make-up tutorials to counteract surveillance cameras. We will experiment with tricks and looks: How visible or invisible would I like to appear on Instagram and other social media platforms? How can I protect my face and still express myself the way I want to? How I can define my image myself? We will share experiences, questions and knowledge.


Moderation: Philisha Kraatz and victoria jeffries / Technics / Broadcasting: Janine Müller


Supported within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. In cooperation with Queer History Month.