Ambivalent Moves With Sandra Noth, Tom Tlalim, Seohye Lee

The notion of ambivalence activates the panel‘s discussion on the use and impact of body-based technologies. Drawing on examples from recent case studies on border, drone and implantation technologies, Sandra Noeth, Seohye Lee and Tom Tlalim interrogate the ways in which technology conditions how bodies access and participate in society in unequal ways: What kind of body-based and performative skills and strategies are developed in this context; how might artistic practice and aesthetic experiences critically intervene, and whether they risk affirming structural exclusion or inequality of certain bodies?

Seohye Lee is a Berlin based multidisciplinary artist who uses the mediums of sound and illustration to experiment with new forms of narrative that challenge the idea of listening.

Sandra Noeth is a curator and researcher focusing the intersections of aesthetics, ethics, and politics of movement, notably in relation to bordering bodies and bodies under structural violence.

Tom Tlalim is an artist, musician and writer whose work explores the relation between political power, technology and the senses.