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En-Knap & Fabien Prioville Dance Company
Dancing Audience

  • Dance
  • Performance

Dancing Audience shifts the boundaries of reality and virtuality through the medium of VR dance films and lets the spectators dive into the dance experience. The bodies of audience members become actors and connect the virtual world, which they see through VR headsets, with the physical reality they can feel, hear, and smell. With live dancers who play around the room as well as around the VR audience, a captivating combination emerges that joins two different realities and creates a transformative dance experience. While virtuality encloses the gaze, the body effortlessly opens to participation. This participatory approach involves the present bodies. Live dancers react to the audience and to movements on stage that are triggered by a series of VR dance films. They, in turn, stimulate movement on stage, thus establishing a shared body language. This collective embodiment blurs the boundaries between audience and dancers. Does the collective need the sovereignty of the body, of the gaze, of reality?

Concept, choreography: Fabien Prioville; live performance: En-Knap Group (Carolina Alessandra Valentini, Davide Lafabiana, Mattia Cason, Nuria Capella Florensa, Tamás Tuza, Tina Habun); VR performance: fabien prioville dance company -Anna Süheyla Harms, Evan Schwarz, Francesca Ciaffoni, Tijana Prendović; VR camera and editing: Christoph Vogel; VR editing: Omar Ismail; dramaturgy: Annette von Keudell; lighting design: Špela Škulj; costume design: Katarina Markov (Atelje d. o.o.); make-up and hair design: Empera, Vanja Djuran; rehearsal management: En-Knap; team: Ana Štefanec Knez; communication, creation: Dražen Dragojević, Marko Damiš, Valerija Intihar; editor: Dražen Dragojević; photography and video: Lin Gerkman.

A production by En-Knap Productions & fabien prioville dance company. En-Knap Productions and Španski Borci Cultural Centre (En-Knap Productions as administrator) are supported by the City of Ljubljana – Department of Culture Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. The fabien prioville dance company is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Cultural Office of the City of Düsseldorf, the Foundation for Art and Culture of the Sparkasse Düsseldorf and the Cultural Office of the City of Wuppertal.
Supported by the Alliance of International Production Houses, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.