Fokus Tanz #8

  • Dance

Decades ago, when pioneers of so-called contemporary dance radically attacked the regularity, purity of form and rigid hierarchy of classical ballet, it was all about emancipation. In the meantime, it has long since had to be acknowledged that power dynamics reproduce themselves like bumpkins in formerly emancipatory movements – and so the label “contemporary” has also become a marker for the white gaze, which needs to be deconstructed in the institutions and practices of dance. Sorry, Ludwig; sorry, Bill; sorry, Pina; it is time. The time to break away has come. This year’s Fokus Tanz learns from the collaborative practices of Afro, House and Hip Hop styles and provides a platform for exchange, deepening discourse and the choreographic works of many local and international artists.

Accompanying program with workshops, films an much more: EDUCATE TO RECREATE

Funded as part of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.