HYBRID Pre-Shows

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Hardly any other phenomenon is currently changing the arts as fundamentally as digitalization – with the help of immersive technology, AI and algorithmic processes, not only new aesthetics are emerging, but also new formats, power structures, visibilities and presences of art. HYBRID Biennale, a new festival series on art in the digital age, will focus on the notion of the hybrid in its technological as well as political and social dimensions, in the principle of kinship, encounters and differences, and the potentials of diversity in various performative, installative and musical projects from October 20-30, 2022 at HELLERAU.

From March 10-12, HYBRID Pre-Shows will present the first themes of the biennial, including positions by Julian Charrière, Shiva Feshareki and Tai Shani, as well as current projects by EXONEMO, Artificial Museum, THE CONSTITUTE and PYLON.

On 10 March, in cooperation with the Landesverband Bildende Kunst Sachsen and the Saxon State Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the “Future Workshop – Art in the Periphery?” will open with talks and discussions highlighting the potential and perspectives of art in the regions as well as questions of visibility and presence in the digital age.