A transdisciplinary symposium

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At the heart of ›IMPACT19 – Weaving Traces‹ are positions which, through very different practices, initiatives and actions expose interventions and discrimination in the political sphere, in urban and island structures, in ecological contexts, as well as in the body.

The invited artists Ingrid LaFleur, Meg Stuart, Silke Huysmans and Hannes Dereere use advanced activist and investigative, spiritual and physical as well as political and technological practices in their work. They all mobilise spaces for action and trigger the conception of essential utopias.

Coming together, thinking together and discussing new ways of taking action – the artists of IMPACT meet the participants in a concentrated and open-minded atmosphere.

What do strategies of empowerment and transformation look like – collectively and individually? Where does artistic work interface with urgent ecological and ethical questions of our time? Episodes will be freely developed by the artists together with the participants.
This transdisciplinary symposium is aimed at practitioners and theorists from the fields of the performing and visual arts, science, journalism, technology, political activism, social work and architecture.

Applicants can apply via the online application form. Please highlight in your letter of motivation how your own research interests or projects connect to the positions proposed by IMPACT19.

Selected applicants receive:

– Full accreditation for the symposium and public programme
– Travel costs*
– Local hotel accommodation
– Full catering

If we can facilitate participation through individual support (e.g. audio description, live transcription, simultaneous translation in sign language), we would be happy to clarify our options in a personal consultation and look forward to receiving details in the application form.

*Essentially, the least environmentally harmful means of transport available should be chosen.

Number of participants is limited to 30.

The working language is English.