On Practices of Emergence Symposium, tours and workshops with Boris Sieverts, Selvagem and Social Pleasure Center

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The body, urban space, cultural and social relations, the biosphere, the technosphere, you name it – robust local structures that influence, disrupt and support each other while remaining visibly or covertly connected are at work everywhere. ›On Practices of Emergence‹ enquires into strategies, practices and processes that strengthen exchange relations on a local and immediately perceptible level. What are the epistemological resources we ought to cultivate and make visible because they continue to be marginalised and excluded?

IMPACT22 has signed up three experts – Selvagem – Cycle of Studies, Social Pleasure Center and Boris Sieverts – as co-convenors who will provide thought-provoking impulses.

Their practice encompasses, interrogates and correlates urbanism, context-bound knowledge resources and body-based resilience experiences. They will take the participants on urban walks, introduce them to somatic activism and set up various dialogue formats.

IMPACT22 encourages possibilities for action in and invites proposals from a wide range of artistic, social, bodily, scientific, ecological and other relational practices.

Wed 09.11.22 19 h
Boris Sieverts
Inspecting and intervening, inspecting as intervening?


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