Jeremy Wade
Technologies for Impossible Repair

  • Dance

Excess and hyper vulnerability – Jeremy Wade has made a name for himself internationally with his disturbing and thought-provoking performances, and socio-cultural platforms. “Technologies of Impossible Repair” explores his works in two different formats

On the stage of HAU1 we can see again his last work (premiered in 2019) “The Clearing”, a solo performance of science fiction in three acts (premiered in 2019), with live music from Marc Lohr and Quentin Tolimeri. This hallucinogenic and flamboyant piece dismantles reality, evokes solidarity and attempts to address the social structures that are making us sick.

On HAU4 we present a new video work named “Oh, Lovely Appearance of Death” that reanimates Wade’s artistic work through his ongoing exploration of ecstasy, untenable loss, queerness, and the lived experiences of depression and exhaustion.

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