(c) Mila Ercoli


  • Dance

With his internationally successful production RITO DE PRIMAVERA, Jose Vidal and his company CÍA first played their way into the hearts of Kampnagel audiences in 2018; with his own Kampnagel production EMERGENZ – a visually powerful, rhythmic and highly energetic group choreography with 101 dancers about the movement of the social and the social in motion – he thrilled audiences once again. After two works in public space, ELEMENTAR and TRAMAS-HAMBURG, which were created during the pandemic, Jose Vidal is finally returning to the big Kampnagel stage with his company CÍA. NUBE explores the cloud as a symbol of contemplation and movement. The cloud is a structure that is difficult to grasp and at the same time a symbolic and sensitive reflection of human emotions and longings. In Vidal’s work, the cloud becomes an allegory for transience, change, death, transformation and the anarchy of natural phenomena that transcend human imagination – much like the origin of the cosmos or a black hole. NUBE is a journey in search of the truths taught by the heavens.

Co-produced by GAM and Kampnagel.

In collaboration withCEINA, NAVE, Escuela De Teatro Universidad De Chile, Academia Pulso.

Supported by Claussen-Simon-Stiftung.

A project within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media.