(c) Melwyn Haensch

Katernberg, lass dich blicken!
Opening of the shop window exhibition on life in Meerkamp

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  • Installation

The Meerkamp housing estate in Katernberg and its residents’ commitment to a better living situation is the subject of a new exhibition in the WerkStadt shop window as part of ›Katernberg, lass dich blicken!‹ (Katernberg, let yourself be seen!). The drawings by artist Melwyn Haensch from the Folkwang University of the Arts were created in Meerkamp and make the realities of life for local people palpable.

For years, there have been various problems in the housing estate, some of which are due to the quality of the housing stock. Various stakeholders such as the Kon-Takt community centre, the AWO district house manager, district politicians, the Essen tenants’ association and the ISSAB district moderation team have been addressing the problems for some time in order to support the tenants.

The WerkStadt is also highlighting the concern in the fourth edition of ›Katernberg, lass dich blicken!‹ in an attempt to keep the Meerkamp issue alive at a local level and to inform people who are not affected.

The new exhibition of drawings by Melwyn Haensch opens at the WerkStadt on Thursday 11. April at 18h. All those interested are warmly invited to come to the opening and talk to the artist and other contributors.


Melwyn Haensch (*1993, Bochum) studies communication design at the Folkwang University of the Arts, where he focuses on reportage drawing. For his work for »Katernberg, lass dich blicken«, he regularly went to places in the neighborhood to draw what he saw. »With this exhibition, I want to make the diverse realities of life in Katernberg and Meerkamp visible.«

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