Das Theater der Digital Natives Fridays for Future, Fundus Theater, pulk fiktion, Torsten Meyer, Nikola Schellmann, Leyla Yernic

Adults learn from children, youths make radical political demands – the generations meet, driven by the desire to find new ways of collaboration. This laboratory reverses traditional directions of knowledge transfer. Digital immigrants and the native inhabitants of the world wide web meet on, in front and behind the stage, discussing future institutions of cultural education on the basis of current tendencies in the performing arts aimed at a young audience.

11 am
Fridays for Future
Fridays for Future lets us hear the radical voices of children and youths from all around the globe. The Düsseldorf activists provide insight into their demands.

11.30 am until 2 pm
Fundus Theater Hamburg
Children, youths and adults ages 8 and up

Lying around on the roof of a car, dancing with animals, remote controlling humans, searching for miracles – with PLAYING UP, performance art becomes a game in which children and adults may meet in a different manner than usual. There is only one condition – doing! Doing it YOURSELF!

Limited attendance

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3 pm
pulk fiktion
Trollwut – Ein Diskursmusical
Performance for people ages 14 and up

4.30 pm
What’s next?

For the duration of one day, experts from research and theatre, activists and youths gathered as a think-tank. Now, they present their visions on the theatre of the future.

With Finn Cam (performer and current student of Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen), Norman Grotegut (pulk fiktion), Franka Horstmann, Masha ter Veer (students), Torsten Meyer (Institute for Art and Art Theory, Köln University), Nikola Schellmann (Children’s and Young People’s Theatre Centre in the Federal Republic of Germany) a.o.

Host: Leyla Yenirce