(c) Paula Reissig


  • Performance

Düsseldorf is drying up. The groundwater level is sinking, and the summer threatens to become hot yet again. But this will be remedied now! In Wenn der Regen kommt, game theatre collective machina eX plays a game with humanity’s dream of influencing the weather. With the aid of new options in geoengineering, this dream is set to become a reality in Düsseldorf. Equipped with their own smartphones, 20 visitors will turn into explorers in the heart of the city, examining this urban space regarding water levels, soil quality, and seepage potential. Situated somewhere between an urban rally, an audio walk, and a theatre performance, you, alone and in groups, will play through an urban present that has not (yet) risen to the future.

Concept: machina eX. Performance: Astrid Endruweit, Jan Jaroszek, Melody Pasanideh, Michaela Maxi Schulz. Performance (Voice): Nils Malten, Magdalena Wiedenhofer. Text: Clara Ehrenwerth. Direction: Anton Krause. Technical Direction, Programming: Lasse Marburg. Dramaturgy, Game Design: Sarah Klöfer, Anton Rose. Interaction Design, Programming: Sebastian Arnd, Elisa Haubert, Benedikt Kaffai. Scenography: Barbara Lenartz. Costuming: Sophie Lichtenberg. Production Design Assistance: Anneke Frank. Sound Design: Matthias Millhoff. Production Management: Sina Kießling.

Supported within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.