Maria Zimpel / Sara Kałużna / Wacław Zimpel
Motions of Revolution

  • Dance

Even the greatest revolution begins with the smallest shifts. Even a gesture can inspire us to strive for freedom. MOTIONS OF REVOLUTION is about the rights to one’s own body. Based on the numerous ongoing demonstrations against the repressive and conservative governmental course of some European countries, first and foremost the abortion law in Poland, the new choreography by Polish-born Maria Zimpel focuses on the body as a political site. In the tension between glitch and continuity in the music by jazz minimalist Wacław Zimpel and the video by Australian radical choreographer Rosalind Crisp, the dancing body is dissected in its concentrated states.

Part of Gender Medizin.

Choreography / Dance: Maria Zimpel
Music: Wacław Zimpel
Dramaturgie: Sara Kałużna
Special appearance/ Dance on video: Rosalind Crisp
Scenography/ Costumes: Natalia Mleczak
Lights: Aleksandr Prowaliński
Video text/ performance: Alex Freiheit
Camera: Jakub Dzionek
Video dance guests: Aleksandra Borys, Karolina Kraczkowska, Martyna Lorenc, Paweł Sakowicza
Video edit: Aga Borzym , Mathias Hollaender
Coproduction: Kampnagel Theatre Hamburg, Centrum Kultury ZAMEK Poznań

A project within the framework of ACT (Art, Climate, Transition) funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union and the Alliance of the Internationale Produktionshäuser by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.