Mascha Fehse, Valentina Karga & Licia Soldavini
Soft Constructions

  • Installation

›Soft Constructions‹ is a »soft« construction site, an artwork, a seating sculpture and a scenography. The collective work refers to a considerate and careful approach to the city. It is an »inverted« construction site that replaces hard with soft elements, excess with care, irreversibility with composting, reckless abstraction with mindfulness. The surface quality and materiality of the artwork enable a comfortable stay in the midst of the construction site. The materials are sustainable, the Euro pallets supple and the cement bags bulbous, the roadblocks sag while a yellow sewage pipe winds its way around the corner. Visitors are invited to move the elements and use them to sit, lie down and linger.

Solidarity and care – but also resistance and refusal – a city marked by asymmetries of power can take on unexpected forms. ›Soft Constructions‹ addresses the construction sites of the city – the places of immediate and applied transformation.


Material: hand-dyed cotton, natural pigments, industrially dyed cotton, used foam and upholstery wadding.

Artists: Valentina Karga & Mascha Fehse
Urban Curation: Sonja Hornung & Licia Soldavini
Production: Garance Maurer, Eliza Chojnacka, Jade Devine, Marlene Stach, Nevo Bar & You Jung Kim