(c) Eduardo Quintanilha

Pumpitopera Transatlantica

  • Performance

Mexa was founded in 2015 following outbreaks of violence in so-called home­less shelters in São Paulo. Since then, the collective of mothers, Black, trans and LGBTIQ* artists, theatre practitioners, and activists has been exploring relationships of proximity and distance across life and art, street and institution as well as politics and aesthetics through the performing arts. Now, they are going on an international tour for the first time, starting in Berlin: “Pumpitopera Transatlantica” revives pop music of the 1990s and combines personal stories with the material from “The Odyssey”. Today, the word “od­ys­sey” stands not just for the journey of Odysseus but also the path and ob­stacles of every human being. But what if “The Odyssey” were named after the members of Mexa? What stories would be told? Where does a group form­ed by people experiencing homelessness return to? How do you go home if you don’t have one? Mexa experiment with the ancient epic, creating their own contemporary mythology in a glamorous and entertaining evening.

Brazilian Portuguese / With English surtitles
approx. 90 min.

Creation: MEXA / Dramaturgy: João Turchi / Original concept: Daniela Pinheiro / Performers and co-creators: Aivan, Alê Tradução, Anita Silvia, Bárbara Britto, Daniela Pinheiro, Dourado, Patrícia Borges, Tatiane Dell Campobello / Videoperformer und video creation: Laysa Elias / Production director and visual concept: Lu Mugayar / Executive production: Leonardo Birche / Light design: Luzco / Soundtrack and sound design: Podeserdesligado / Costume design: Anuro Anuro, Cacau Francisco / Creation assistant: Lucas Heymanns / Vocal coach: Mario Sevílio / Choreographic score and body tuning: Daniela Pinheiro / Stage direction: João Turchi / Special thanks: Amy Lettman, Alejandro Ahmed, Carol Mendonça, Duda Devassa, Dudu Quintanilha, Francesca Tedeschi, Guilherme Giufrida, Lucas Heymanns, Mamba Negra, Olivia Ardui, Ricardo Fraya, Eduardo Fukushima

Production: Casa do Povo, Transform Festival. Supported by: LEEDS 2023 Year of Culture. Guest performance funding as part of the Alliance of International Production Houses from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.