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Michael Turinsky
Crip time, soil times and the urgency of regenerat

  • Workshop

Taking our departure from my own situatedness as a physically disabled on the field of contemporary choreography and performance, we will engage in a wider inquiry into „crip time“ and „soil times“ as potential sites of „resistance from below“ against dominant, capitalist modes of production. In other words: If care (and also self-care) for crip bodies as well as care for soils, both require (affective) attunement to a multiplicity of rhythms and paces, then how can these poly-rhythmic practices of care challenge the linear clockwork of capitalist surplus-value production? And how can these practices of care with their specific, intermingling pacings, articulate themselves into the broader, political perspective of a regenerative economy, based on cyclical renewal, as an alternative to the draining logic of progressive growth, based on progressive exploitation.

In English and German language
Duration: 4 hours