(c) Reinout Hiel

Miet Warlop
Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break

  • Performance

“A performance that makes the heart beat faster!” (Theaterkrant)

In “Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break”, Belgian performance artist Miet Warlop creates a modern, Western version of the famous spinning dance of Sufi dervishes. In order to reach a state of religious ecstasy, they circle around their own body axis. In Miet Warlop’s choreography, three performers whirl in circles for three quarters of an hour, play hypnotic rock music and sing. This becomes an experiment in perception: the mixture of Sufi dance, recitation and concert moves along a fine line between control and loss of control. The handbrake that gives the title, which no longer works, can be a classic motif for nightmares: not being able to stop, heading for disaster. But it can also be a synonym for feeling free and moving forward without inhibitions.