Proyecto Pregunta

  • Intervention in public space

Spontaneous interventions in Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Mitte, Neukölln and Tempelhof

For the past five years the Chilean artist collective MIL M2 (meaning one thousand square meters) has continuously developed its installation series Proyecto Pregunta. By engaging in dialogues with urban dwellers, they have established a catalog of questions: these questions are printed in huge letters and mounted onto a mobile scaffolding that is exhibited in public spaces and thus integrated into city life. After various stops throughout South America and Europe, including Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Santiago de Chile, and Barcelona, Berlin is the fourth stop of the question project in Germany, which has already been shown in Dresden, Leipzig, and Essen.

With its project Proyecto Pregunta, MIL M2 brings questions and critique into public spaces. Its layout attracts political attention and intentionally fosters the empowerment of the city’s inhabitants. The space of the city becomes a space for action that offers transformative and collective exchanges. Designed as an artistic way to engage with and participate in the community, the project supports the collective production, visualization, and viral dissemination of debates in the public realm.