NORDWIND-Festival 2019

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Dedicated to “Exploring Blankness”, the festival NORDWIND 2019 examines the effects and potentialities of the fourth wave of feminism for feminist history and practise in Europe while critically re-appraising the feminist movement of recent decades. “Fourth-wave” feminism typically looks beyond physical and structural abuse to also engage in a critique of the consequences of capitalist and colonialist power structures. Central to this is a recognition that categories such as “woman” are not sufficient to understand and critically challenge the complexity of oppression – when, for instance, considering women of color, trans women or women with disabilities. Following Gayatri Spivak, the “blindness” that the Western colonial gaze has towards its own precariously patriarchal and racist structures can be described as an “inaccessible blankness” – also within Western feminism. The artists contributing to this edition of NORDWIND grapple particularly with the reality of feminism in the Nordic countries – but also in the rest of Europe.


NORDWIND FESTIVAL 2019 is funded within the framework of the International Production Houses Alliance by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Danish Arts Foundation, Norwegian Embassy, Norwegfian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finnland-Institut in Deutschland, Swedish Arts Council, Fonds Transfabrik, Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg, Goethe Institut and Frankfurter Stiftung: maeceniafür Frauen in Wissenschaft und Kunst.