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ON/LIVE 2023
Games, Encounters, Digital Culture

  • Festival

ON/LIVE negotiates current issues of digital life – such as net accessibility, media literacy, or gamification. This year’s edition is mainly dedicated to playful forms of gathering. In 2020 and 2021, ON/LIVE happened purely in the digital realm. Now, the exchange between artistic experts from the areas of coding, audience interaction and digital culture enters our new KAP1 spaces.

The machina eX game theatre makers have prepared not one, but two games for you: one is a board game, while the other one is a hybrid between audio play and escape room. onlinetheater.live issues an invitation to talks about their interactive fiction Loulou at the Foyer. This award-winning examination of online hate and harassment is downloadable and playable for everyone, everywhere. ON/LIVE additionally invites you to the FFT Cubes playtest: These hybrid, playable pieces of furniture resulted from our joint project Das Digitale Foyer which we undertake in collaboration with Deutsche Oper am Rhein and MIREVI. Its first application will be a gigantic performance puzzle for the FFT Foyer. You can join ON/LIVE both online or on-site, alone or as a group. Workshops, advanced training for teachers and talks complete the programme. As always, artists, coders and a general interested audience are welcome to present their own practice in the form of short videos for the Lightningtalks.

ON/LIVE receives support from the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media, as part of the Alliance of International Production Houses.