Panaibra Gabriel Canda
Cheered Lies (Mentiras aplaudidas)

  • Dance

In Cheered Lies (Mentiras aplaudidas), three performers and two musicians take the audience on a journey through current, urgent topics, through culture wars, ideologies, fears, and insecurities. Cheered Lies takes a look at today’s world in which fake news are the order of the day, catapulting the manipulative game onto the next stage. On what side of history do we stand? Which kind of people did we become today? Where do we come from? The performers in Cheered Lies watch history through the filter of their own biographies, thus working on a critical historiography. They invite us to consider learned knowledge from different perspectives and to deal with different notions of nationality, cultural affiliation, and identity. They call on you to rethink assumptions and to create new social realities.

Panaibra Gabriel Canda founded cultural centre CulturArte in Maputo, Mozambique, in 1998. There, numerous artistic projects were created, among them choreographies, presentations, and educational projects to support the regional dance scene. In his works, the connection between dance and socio-political aspects plays a crucial role.

Concept, choreography: Panaibra Gabriel Canda; by and with: Amélia Socovinho, José Jalane, Panaibra Gabriel Canda; Music composition and live music: Simba Sitòe, Dércio Gomate; Lighting Design: Matthews Phala; Video design: Elton David.


A dance project by Panaibra Gabriel Canda / CulturArte. In co-production with tanzhaus nrw, euro-scene Leipzig and Mercat de les Flors Barcelona. Funded by the Alliance of International Production Houses, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.