Art. Democracy. Public space.

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The city as a public, democratic space is an unspoken promise that is more and more often cut and restricted. (Train stations, are for instance, no longer accessible to everyone, but only to those who fit the owners’ categories.) So-called “creative open spaces” often turn into profitable objects of speculation. This can for example be seen in Berlin´s Uferhallen, a spacious studio site in the inner city. The public sector stood no chancea gainst investors with billions in their pockets. In order to counter the disappearance of public space, politicians now call for a democratization of culture. They support art groups, initiatives, and housing projects, seeking to get as many people as possible in touch with the arts. But are these single publically supported projects really more than a drop in the ocean? What practices do artists such as Akira Takayma from Japan use to reflect on the recent developments in Germany? How do subversive activities revive the discussion about space? And which empowerment strategies defy monetary dynamics?

With: Amelie Deuflhard, Stefan Hilterhaus, Katharina Meyer, Florian Schmidt, Akira Takayama
Moderated by: Christian Römer

21.06. / 19:00 / HAU1
Panel: On the state of our cities – a critical survey
With Katalin Gennburg, Ingrid Krau, Christoph Schäfer, Michael Schindhelm
Moderation: Christoph Twickel / German with English translation / Admission 3,00 €
Right after: Sharon Zukins City as Homeland: Building a Culture of Radical Resiliency (Keynote)

22.06. / 11:00 / HAU1
Panel: Solidarity Institutions Strategies for international cultural politics in nervous times
With Johannes Ebert, Nicoleta Esinencu, Andreas Görgen, Renzo Martens, Bouchra Ouizguen, Alya Sebti, Annemie Vanackere
Moderation: Priya Basil / German and English with German and English translation / Admission free

22.06. / 16:00 / HAU1 
Panel: Art. Democracy. Public space.
With Amelie Deuflhard, Stefan Hilterhaus, Florian Schmidt, Akira Takayama amongst others
German and English with German and English translation / Admission free

22.06. / 20:00 / HAU2 
Panel: City as factory – How logistics and master plans change city life
With Jochen Becker, Klaus Ronneberger, Kathrin Tiedemann, Michael Zinganel
Moderation: Elisa Bertuzzo / Performance: Hauke Heumann / Visuals: Jan Lemitz
German with English translation / Admission free

23.06. / 17:00 / HAU2
Panel: space, practices, and perspectives – The production houses and the independent scene
With Verena Billinger, Monika Gintersdorfer, Cindy Hammer, Alexander Karschnia, Sebastian Matthias, Matthias Pees a.o. / Moderation: Janina Benduski, Bettina Masuch / German / Admission free

23.06. / 20:00 / HAU2
Panel: Right to the city – How urban forms of resistance are reconfigured in the age of motion
With AbdouMaliq Simone (Keynote), Andrej Holm, Sandy Kaltenborn, Nazan Maksudyan
Moderation: Elisa Bertuzzo / German and English with German and English translation / Admission free


Amelie Deuflhard, Stefan Hilterhaus, Rüdiger Kruse, Akira Takayama u.a.