(c) Michael Bause

Life (Un)Worthy of Life: A Queer Dis/Crip Talkshow

  • Performance

The queer, disabled, interdisciplinary artist Perel invites us to a “humorous” late-night talk-show and creates a space for the audience to share their stories. “Life (Un) Worthy of Life: A Queer Dis/Crip Talkshow” is a monologue-based performance to discuss the intersection of historic atrocities between the Shoah and the Aktion T4 Program. At an early age as the only Jewish child in a small American town, Perel was asked to explain the Holocaust to others in history class. But what is often missing in historical narratives to this day is the perspective of people with disabilities. While Perel can describe the experience of difference based on this part of identity, what’s missing is the information to be able to know a history of identity as a disabled person. In tracing this lack of historic knowledge, Perel looks to the erasure of voices due to the Aktion T4 killings where “Life Unworthy of Life” was an official medical term. Developed under the Nazi regime, it was used to determine what kinds of people were to be killed or spared, justifying the killing of thousands of disabled people. Disabled, queer, Jewish writer, Kenny Fries is a special guest on the show, where he will talk about themes related to memory studies and disability in reference to his own research.

The audience is invited to take part in After-Care Sessions with Perel and Kenny Fries directly after the show each night. This is a chance for more intimate sharing in an informal atmosphere, facilitated by a another host each night. on 12.5. by Yael Attia and on 13.5. by Dirk Sorge.

Relaxed performance
German sign language /  English /  English audio description
approx. 120 Min.
Afterwards: After-care session

Conceived, designed, and performed by: Perel / Guest: Kenny Fries / Original dramaturgy by: Noa Winter / Original lighting design by: Katri Kuusimaki / DGS by: Oya Ataman / Audio description: Swantje Henke (Gravity Access Services) / Audio Description consultation with: Monique McDowell

Produktion: Perel und NO LIMITS Festival Berlin. Gefördert im Rahmen des Bündnisses internationaler Produktionshäuser von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Europe Beyond Access und Create Europe Programme der EU.