Forschung & Entwicklung Digitale Zukunft in Theater, Förderung und Ausbildung

Work processes of artists and accompanying, supporting or representing institutions are increasingly impacted by digitisation. How do cultural institutions react, and how may they pioneer new developments? This is a question that should not only be posed in regard to the new forms of communication and modes of expression changing the sphere by means of digital technology. It must also be asked which institutional and structural steps are necessary in anticipation of coming developments. The round table talk will feature representatives from cultural and educational institutions and from the arts, bringing them together to draw out fields of action and to rede ne them.

Friedrich Kirschner is a filmmaker and visual artist, Software Developer and Professor of Digital Media in puppetry. At the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch in Berlin he leads the MA program „Game & Object“.

Marcus Lobbes works as a director and outfitter in drama and music theatre. He is the artistic director of the Academy for Theatre and Digitality in Dortmund.

Marie-Kristin Meier is a research associate at the Federal Cultural Foundation.

Holle Münster is a performer, director and part of the collective Prinzip Gonzo. Her production ”Spiel des Lebens“ was the winner of the Virtual Theatre Meeting of nachtkritik.de in 2015.

Christian Römer is a consultant for culture and new media at the Heinrich Böll Foundation Federal Headquarters. Since 2013 he organizes the annual conferences „Mobilize! (with changing partners) and „Theater und Netz“ (with nachtkritik.de).