Socalled & Friends
Space – The 3rd Season feat. Kiran Ahluwalia

At previous editions of the Summer Festival in 2014 and 2017, Josh “Socalled” Dolgin’s THE SEASON puppet musicals centering on a group of forest-animals and their contact with extra-terrestrial Fuzzie creatures not only sold out, they brought tremendous joy to Kampnagel audiences of all ages. Produced by the Summer Festival, SPACE – THE 3RD SEASON, is the third SEASON-musical by the Canadian composer, rapper, magician, cartoonist, filmmaker and puppet-builder. In SPACE, bear and his semi-extraterrestrial daughter Tami travel to a far-flung planet in search of Tami’s mother Tina. The planet is ruled by a colonial queen who has separated all Fuzzie beings by the colors of their fur and their singing voices in a kind of apartheid. The queen is performed and sung by Indian-Canadian Juno Award-winning Kiran Ahluwalia, who is joined on stage by Socalled and a 20-person team that includes Hollywood actor Joe Cobden, Montréal puppeteers, underground NYC rapper C-Rayz Walz and Hamburg’s Kaiser Quartett among others. Together, they create a deeply entertaining musical that effortlessly combines Bollywood, funk, hip-hop and Broadway classics, and gets the puppets dancing.


Director: Josh ‘Socalled’ Dolgin
Performers: Joe Cobden, Katie Moore, Rich Ly, C-Rayz Walz, Michael Felber, Kiran Ahluwalia as The Queen
Live-Music: Patrice Agbokou (Bass), Josh „Socalled” Dolgin (Piano), Kaiser Quartett, Matthew Woodley (Drums), Kasumi Itokawa (Harfe)
Dancer & Choreographer: Hanako Hoshimi-Caines
Puppeteers: Jeremie Desbiens, Gabrielle Garant, Marcelle Hudon, Anne Lalancette
Composer: Josh ‘Socalled’ Dolgin
Overture: Fred Wesley
Playwright: Josh ‘Socalled’ Dolgin
Book (Text): Joe Cobden
Stage Design: Eric Grice
Costumes: Erin Fortier
Light: Stefanje Meyer
Sound: Juliette Wion
Masks:Mathieu René
Projections: Michael Dubue
Puppet Doctor: Eliane Fayad
Rap lyrics miscellaneous: C-Rayz Walz
Production Management: Ryhna Thompson, Brian Neuman
Assistant Director & Tour Manager: Stefanje Meyer
Video Trailer: Jonas Nellissen /
Special thanks to: Collegio Internazionale Ca’ Foscari, Venice Waterlines Project, San Servolo

PRODUCTION International Summer Festival Kampnagel COPRODUCTION Envision Management & Production, Norderzoon Festival Groningen, Theaterspektakel Zürich

FUNDED within the framework of the Alliance International Production Houses supported by the Commissioner for Culture and Media, Canada Council for the Arts, SODEC, die Vertretung der Regierung von Québec – Berlin, Botschaft von Kanada, Antje Landshoff-Ellermann.