(c) Monika Keiler

Etwas Besseres als die Nation (mal wieder)
Opening Claiming Common Spaces VI

  • Comedy
  • Dialogue
  • Performance

With representatives of the former welfare committees, the Association of Binational Families and Partnerships, a.o.
With Ibraimo Alberto, Bianca Klose, Patrice Poutrus, Anna Sabel, Mark Terkessidis / Moderation: Hanna Meißner & Christian Schmidt

Address of welcome: Annemie Vanackere, Intendantin HAU Hebbel am Ufer
Inaugural addresses: Dr. Andreas Görgen, Amtschef bei der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien and Anujah Fernando and Dr. Bernd Kasparek, Transforming Solidarities

Thelma Buabeng & Celina Bostic “Security”


The first evening of “Claiming Common Spaces VI” tells the story of efforts to support left-wing structures in East Germany and thus to oppose racism and nationalism, based on the “Wohlfahrtsausschüsse zur Abwehr des gegenrevolutionären Übels” – a union of committees in Hamburg, Cologne, and other major West German cities fighting counter-revolutionary forces – and their at times grotesque seeming tour through Rostock, Dresden, and Leipzig in 1993. Activists and practitioners from then and now will discuss what it takes for solidarity to flourish in a society that’s increasingly shifting towards the right.

Afterwards, actress Thelma Buabeng and musician Celina Bostic will perform improvised political comedy: In their “Security” programme, they form a fictitious security team that appears in racist, discriminatory situations – a special unit against discrimination!

(c) Carolin Windel