Watch Out!

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Attention, Watch Out! The second edition of the HELLERAU Festival for young and old presents contemporary dance, performances and installations by internationally renowned choreographers for the whole family.

Programme highlights

Born to Shine
Young Theatre Basel
We know everything, but we cannot know everything. We have to select, deepen and above all: keep at it. Then we might have an overview. Then we have a chance to really master something. The director Sebastian Nübling, the choreographer Ives Thuwis and 14 performers between the ages of 15 and 23 search for their personal passions and relate them to a world that is all about “shining”, but which is far from shining everywhere.
For all from 14 years

Whipped cream
Regina Rossi
On stage there is hitting, hitting, hitting. But not a person. But cream. Wheels. And, of course, a beater. Schlagsahne is a “symphoniography” about rage, in which sounds, voices, dance, movement and props collide. Three performers meet in a space charged with vibrations and sounds and test how far they can go when things really get going.
For all from 6 years

All eyes amazement
Lea Moro
Tentacles dangling from the ceiling, a bouncing tent and dripping ice. All Eyes Amaze tells of ecosystems in the air, on land and under water and makes them perceptible to all the senses. The stage light becomes the weather atmosphere, the sound gets caught in a silent underwater world and three bizarre creatures move curiously on land. At the end of the piece, the three performers open up their world and let the landscape continue to grow into the audience.
For all from 6 years

Nano Giants
Polymer DMT/Fang Yun Lo
Four dancers from different fields – hip-hop, contemporary dance, physical theatre and parcours – share the stage with a musician and a draughtswoman who conjures up ever new images directly on stage. “Nano Giants” is contemporary dance theatre for young, old and everyone in between. “Nano Giants” playfully designs forms of friendship, living together and working together in a journey through a theatrical wonderland.
For all from 4 years

+ Sat 26.03. Dance workshop for the whole family,
for all from 5 years
Registration to or 0351 264 62 37

Temple of the Present – A Space of Experience for All
Armada of Arts
The “Temple of the Present” is a space of desire open throughout the festival. It offers all visitors from the age of 6 a special encounter. The result of the performative installation will be created through an active interaction between ARMADA and the participants.
For all from 6 years

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