Workshop + Diskussion
Digitaler Materialismus Mit Sebastian Matthias, Maren Butte und Gästen

From a dance perspective, we probe deeperhow the material quality of the body or itsimpression changes due to contact with digital technology. Alla Popp, @Alexisses and Malika Ali, together with choreographer and scientist Sebastian Matthias, will try out the enjoining of digital technology with kinaesthetic experience during numerous experimental set-ups. Beyond all this lies the developing field of digital materialism – because, just as the cultural sciences recognised a central effective power in the wake of the material turn, digital worlds are also far from immaterial. They encompass the required hardware and software and their production contexts, the energy ow they carry, and they also bind in the bodies that operate and manipulate them. The entanglement of fleshy and digital material qualities will be apparent in the workshop: With the aid of the “Tik Tok” app, the real performance bumps into an instant digital reworking, at best generating countless followers. In a live video feed, one’s own body movements will be controlled via a virtual perspective, and one may dance with a hologram in augmented reality. The participants test different set-ups, generating questions and perspectives for the subsequent discussion, in which Maren Butte and Johannes Birringer will join.

Mit/With: @Alexisses, Alla Popp, Johannes Birringer, Malika Ali, Maren Butte, Marcello Lussanna, Sebastian Matthias