Information on accessibility of the Academy for Performing Arts Producers

The Academy for Performing Arts Producers is eager to become fully accessible. The seven members of the Alliance of International Production Houses (Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser) are currently in a transition phase in which they are undergoing a re-thinking and re-learning process that involves taking pragmatic steps towards becoming more inclusive. We still have a long way to go on our path to ensuring full inclusivity in all of our cultural activities. As a result, the academy is still only partially barrier-free at this point.

For this reason, we will be considering the particular needs of participants with disabilities on an individual basis. In other words, we will discuss which forms of assistance are needed directly with the individual participants themselves, and also determine how the framework of the academy can be adapted to fit these needs.

The academy will take place in spaces that are accessible via wheelchair, including wheelchair-accessible sanitary facilities.

Depending on the participants’ individual needs, the academy will also arrange for alternative seating and a separate rest area near the event space. We will also make sure to include time for brief breaks. Please note that we always encourage participants to take a personal break at any time or simply withdraw from the event for a moment of rest.

The languages spoken at the event will be German and / or English. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide interpretation in sign language.