Producing Performing Arts

Producing Performing Arts
Aus dem Maschinenraum der freien darstellenden Künste
Eine Publikation des Bündnisses internationaler Produktionshäuser.
Mit Illustrationen von Yorgos Konstantinou. Hg. von Katrin Dod und Patrick Wildermann, Alexander Verlag

How can we produce in a sustainable, diverse, discrimination-sensitive, in short: contemporary way?

Houses, artists, collectives – they all become visible by producing. But what networks and alliances are at work behind them, what challenges does the production process pose? What is the range of activities of producers in the field of the independent performing arts – and can the profession be learned? How has the practice of independent production in Germany developed, what impulses can it absorb to remain relevant to the present and the future? And what new interfaces and perspectives do digital modes of production open up? In over 30 essays, conversations and portraits, actors in the field, producers, journalists, artists and collectives take a look into the machine room of the independent performing arts – and out of it.

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