tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf

Situated in a former tram depot, tanzhaus nrw features two stages and eight dance and productions studios, all of which are exclusively dedicated to contemporary dance. Spanning 4000 square meters, the house is at the same time a performance venue and an academy with more than 4000 weekly visitors.

tanzhaus nrw, which evolved from “Die Werkstatt” and has been under the artistic direction of Bettina Masuch since 2014, has grown into an internationally highly acclaimed cultural institution.

Every year, 200 different performances are brought to the stage here. Through thematic focal points such as “Real Bodies” or “Körper 2.0,” artistic statements are channeled in festivals. Choreographers from the region find their artistic homes here, but also leave their comfort zone and venture out, for instance for the series “Residenzen im Realen.”

With the Factory Artists – among them are Reut Shemesh, the collectvie nutrospektif and Alfredo Zinola – tanzhaus nrw engages in an intense exchange with artists who focus on themes like the body and technology, physical difference and minority politics.

Young Tanzhaus, which is devoted to dance for and with a younger audience, is a unique competence center and complements the activities taking place in the house, which also include more than 50 artist residencies as well as various discursive formats.

As a commission by tanzhaus nrw, the publication “Bodies of Evidence. Ethics, Aesthetics, and Politics of Movement” was released by Gurur Ertem and Sandra Noeth in 2018.

tanzhaus nrw was awarded the Theaterpreis des Bundes in 2017 and is organized of projects like “Take-off: Junger Tanz” and “international Dance Artist Service NRW” (iDAS). It is also one of the main partners of the Partner des European Dancehouse Network (EDN).