The Alliance of International Production Houses has initiated and published a number of different books and other publications over the past several years.

Published in December 2022 at Alexander Verlag: Producing Performing Arts. Aus dem Maschinenraum der freien darstellenden Künste. Eine Publikation des Bündnisses internationaler Produktionshäuser. Mit Illustrationen von Yorgos Konstantinou. Herausgegeben von Katrin Dod und Patrick Wildermann.

Published in September 2022: “Corona Iconics”. The publication was created as a participatory project with the audience as part of the third edition of the Claiming Common Spaces series initiated by the seven venues of the Alliance of Interational Production Houses.

Published in September 2021: In collaboration with the Alliance of International Production Houses and flausen+bundesnetzwerk, Fonds Darstellende Künste releases a documentation of the #TakeCareResidenzen. You can find the PDF here (in German).

Zum Abschluss des Förderprogramms , das im Rahmen des #TakeThat-Maßnahmenpakets realisiert wurde, gibt der in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser und dem eine Publikation heraus, in der die Entstehung und die Umsetzung sowie die Zukunftsfähigkeit des Programms reflektiert werden. Ergänzend geben geförderte Künstler:innen einen Einblick in ihre #TakeCareResidenzen. Die Publikation ist als PDF hier verfügbar.

The most recent publication issued by Alliance of International Production Houses is a comprehensive overview of its own work titled “A model for networked cultural work in the performing arts (2020), which is available also in English. The alliance was created five years ago by seven independent theatres in Germany, and this book takes a look at the highly unique and collaborative work from an array of different perspectives. For example, it offers insights into the diverse range of projects made possible by funding from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, thereby spotlighting a number of individual projects as well as the programmes implemented on a joint basis by the alliance. An outside perspective on the alliance is provided by independent artists who describe how the organisation functions as a partner to them, helping to strengthen their artistic work.

A publication exploring “Producing in the independent theatre scene” is currently in the works.

In 2018, Sandra Noeth and Gurur Ertem published a book titled “Bodies of Evidence. Ethics, Aesthetics, and Politics of Movement” (Passagen Verlag), which had been commissioned by tanzhaus nrw. The 280-page tome focuses on how the human body functions simultaneously as witness, document and agent, and features contributions from more than 20 voices drawn from the realms of art, politics and civil society. In essays, interviews, dialogues and case studies, the authors address the complex ways in which bodies are implicated in current “crises” and discuss the resulting political and ethical consequences.

HAU Hebbel am Ufer documented a project by Barbara Raes titled “Unacknowledged Loss. Art and Rituals” (Theater der Zeit, 2018). The book contains interviews, pictures and reportages covering the theme of loss, and features contributions from Nathalie Bikoro, Claudia Hill, Jasmin Hindi, Jasmin İhraç, Ligia Lewis, Maria F. Scaroni, Mirko Suzuki, Oliver Zahn and Barbara Raes.

Programme booklets were also published to accompany the festival series known as Claiming Common Spaces, which takes place on an annual basis. Each booklet describes the specific thematic focus under examination that year and elucidates the individual interventions, panels and presentations. The following booklets have been published to date: Claiming Common Spaces I. Art and Urban Practice (2018) and Claiming Common Spaces II. Art and Digital Life (2019). Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the CCS instalment planned for 2020 was pushed back to 2021.