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1/2/8 Research Forum
Spot on Governance

  • Research festival

Since 2017, with the Research Forum 1/2/8, PACT has been bringing together researchers, artists, scientists and activists at the titular historical mining complex 1/2/8. In a lively, transdisciplinary exchange, the focus is on exploring new models for connecting knowledge and action.

Under the title ›Spot on Governance‹, 1/2/8 focuses in 2023 on examining the political and social conditions that shape our coexistence. Where do visible and invisible rules lead to an unequal distribution of power? Who has access to which resources? Who owns information, infrastructures, and data?

Together, the participants of 1/2/8 engage in an intense work and research phase to analyze the current state of affairs and cultivate new visions. Guided by diverse forms of representation, self-organization, and collaboration, they invite others to rethink the future. Transforming the think tank into an inclusive space for discussion, 1/2/8 is framed by a public program featuring lectures, workshops, and artistic interventions.

A project within the framework of The Alliance of International Production Houses, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.