Academy for Performing Arts Producers #5 – Open Call

While the previous 3 academies were based on an application process, we held a special alumni edition in 2021 called ALLES ANDERS. The Open Call for the Academy for Performing Arts Producers #5 is now online and can be found here. Application deadline is November 15.


After CLAIMING COMMON SPACES had to be cancelled last year, Kampnagel has now developed a variant that can take place and yet is not a purely digital event. Piggybacking with the Live Art Festival, CLAIMING COMMON SPACES III will be experienced from June 03 – 13 at Kampnagel in Hamburg, but also partly in the cities of the alliance houses. WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREZONE is an experimental arrangement for a time in which we learn encounters again and anew. More information will follow shortly here.

Open Call: Corona Iconics
From 3 to 13 June 2021 Kampnagel in Hamburg will host the third instalment of CLAIMING COMMON SPACES, this time under the title WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREZONE. More information about the festival here.

In advance of the festival, the 7 members of the alliance are issuing an open call for participation:



Arts and Encounters Academy
The Alliance of International Production Houses created the Arts and Encounters Academy as a forum for networking and ongoing professional training for individuals who are already active in shaping the space between art and society – as well as for those who are interested in doing so in the future. Application deadline for the first edition was 5 April 2021.
Find further information here.


Statement by the “Initiative GG 5.3 Weltoffenheit

As representatives of public cultural and research institutions in Germany, we share a mandate from the state to promote arts and culture, historical research and democratic education and to make these accessible to the general public. Toward this end, we rely on a public sphere that welcomes controversial debates in accordance with the norms of the German constitution. At the center of our initiative lies a common struggle against antisemitism, racism, right-wing extremism and any form of violent religious fundamentalism. Please find here the statement (for English, sccoll down).