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ACADEMY for Performing Arts Producers #7 – Open Call

The ACADEMY is an advanced training programme for artistic production managers and creative producers in the independent performing arts. It focuses on conveying the skills needed by creative producers and artistic production managers to carry out their work on stages in Germany and abroad. Each of the programme’s three modules will also thematise the role played by independent creative producers in an era marked by rapid and constant change. This year’s ACADEMY is aimed at individuals with initial or advanced professional experience in the field of performing arts production.

ACADEMY #7 will place special emphasis on issues relating to the theme of “Care and Fürsorge”:

  • How can we integrate care into our productions?
  • In what ways can we be there for each other and build networks in a professional environment that is often characterised by solitary work?
  • How can we make sure that we demonstrate respect for one another and always take into account diverse intersections in our joint work on artistic productions?

Creative producers have long since become essential players in the production of independent performing arts projects. The ACADEMY seeks to provide insights into the different facets of this complex profession, while also offering time and space for participants to gather and reflect on their own unique practices: What additional skills are creative producers required to have beyond their expertise in organisation, administration and accounting? What is the most effective way to manage artistic collaboration? And which tools and methods are useful when it comes to establishing effective work structures?

The ACADEMY will consist of three modules held over three separate long weekends at three of the production houses that make up the Alliance of International Production Houses. Participants will take part in workshop formats covering a wide range of tools and methods. They will also be introduced to networks and platforms and work together to develop and enhance strategies and models for producing in the independent performing arts field. A number of additional online seminars will also help to convey the basic legal and administrative skills participants need to carry out their profession effectively.

ACADEMY #7 comprises the following:

  • A total of three modules, each lasting four days, held in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Hamburg respectively
  • Optional participation in several online seminars offered in between the modules (these online seminars are chiefly aimed at participants with little professional experience; for this reason, participation is optional)
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Attendance at performing arts events
  • Mentoring sessions with experienced colleagues of Alliance of International Production Houses members

Scheduled dates

  • MODULE I: 18 – 21 January 2024, Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt/M.
  • MODULE II: Attention new dates! 06 – 09 March 2024 FFT Düsseldorf and tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf
  • MODULE III: 25 – 28 April 2024, Kampnagel Hamburg

Online seminars (from 10 am to 4 pm each)
5 February 2024 / 19 February 2024 / 18 March 2024 / 8 April 2024 / 15 April 2024 (TBC)

Target group

The ACADEMY for Performing Arts Producers is aimed at creative producers and artistic production managers who …

… are already active in the field of the independent performing arts
… have little or extensive work experience
… are interested in expanding their work practice to include international co-productions and collaborations
… are interested in deepening their existing hard and soft skills
… are motivated to exchange ideas with colleagues and work together to develop feasible new working models.

Languages / barrier-free communication
The languages spoken at the ACADEMY will be German and/or English.
Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the programme with sign language interpretation in this edition.

Eligibility requirements

  • Participants must have either initial or advanced professional experience as a artitic production manager, creative producer or comparable type of activity in the field of the independent performing arts in Germany
  • Germany must be the participants’ official place of residence and work
  • Participants must have good command of English and German
  • Participants must participate in all three modules

Participation in the ACADEMY is free of charge.
Accommodation and catering costs will be covered by the Alliance of International Production Houses.
All travel costs to and from the ACADEMY, as well as all public transportation costs, must be borne by the participants themselves.

We ask all applicants to send us a PDF file containing your CV and a letter of motivation. The letter of motivation should be roughly one page and include your reasons for wanting to participate in the programme. If possible, we also ask that you give us a brief summary of your thoughts and insights on the theme of “Care and Fürsorge” in the context of performing arts production.

Given our sensitivity to injustices and power relations in the performing arts, we strongly encourage artistic production managers and creative producers who have experienced discrimination to apply for the programme. We particularly value the participation of BIPoC, FLINTA, people with personal or family migration histories, people with disabilities, chronic illnesses and/or neurodivergent people, and people who are disadvantaged because of their actual or ascribed social or educational status.

Contact: akademie@produktionshaeuser.de

Participants will be selected by mid-November 2023.
A committee of experts will make the final selections.

Application deadline
27 October 2023

Barrier-free access

  • The ACADEMY will take place in step-free rooms (WCs are also step-free)
  • There will be alternative seating options
  • There will be a rest & relaxation room
  • There are contact persons in advance and on site for participants with visible or invisible disabilities.

Unfortunately, the ACADEMY cannot be fully accessible in this edition. We are aware that this may make it difficult or impossible for some interested parties to participate.

Within the scope of our possibilities, we take needs-oriented measures for spatial and communicative accessibility and are advised and accompanied in this process by experts in that field. Through individual agreements regarding the need for assistance or aids, we can make appropriate arrangements and adapt the processes to the needs of the participants in the best possible way. We are grateful for the voluntary communication of accessibility requirements in the application process.

  • We plan to be mindful of break times and encourage all participants to take a break, spend some down time in the rest & relaxation room or just withdraw for a bit if they feel the need
  • Early boarding (i.e., arrival and check-in on the day before the module begins) can be arranged for the on-site modules
  • There will be opportunities for individuals with disabilities and people who are chronically ill and/or neurodivergent to meet in groups that do not include non-disabled persons

Contact for questions regarding accessibility of the programme and application process: Olivia Hotz


Arrangements by phone or messenger possible
(phone number on request by mail)

ACADEMY for Performing Arts Producers
Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser e.V.
(Alliance of International Production Houses)
Head of the ACADEMY: Katja Sonnemann