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Choke Hole
hosting Choke Hole : Boob Camp

  • Performance

The New Orleans based and internationally acclaimed “Extreme Drag Wrestling” show returns to Kampnagel for the first time since their triumphant 2021 debut. The wrestling collective recently wrapped up a residency at AREA15 in Las Vegas and are now on the hunt for new talent, hosting CHOKE HOLE: BOOB CAMP, a week long workshop at Kampnagel theatre to pass on their extreme drag wrestling knowledge. Ten participants will take part in a rigorous curriculum, learning everything necessary to become a trained CHOKE HOLE performer. Then they’ll “graduate” at a final show, where the students will showcase what they’ve developed – framed by show fights by CHOKE HOLE professionals and followed by a set by Choke Hole performer and self-proclaimed „Body Building Barbie“ as well as international DJ celebrity Miss Toto (Chicago). Let‘s get ready to rumble!

CHOKE HOLE places a queer lens on the traditionally machismo world of wrestling, using drag and queer performance to intensify and make apparent the inherently flamboyant and camp elements of professional wrestling. The event itself combines lip sync performances, choreographed wrestling matches, acting, character building, and video elements to create an overarching storyline, which builds a fully immersive nightlife experience. CHOKE HOLE wrestlers and matches are defined by one of the most important queer performative tools, exaggeration. From a crazed real estate investor fighting for her right to gentrify against an alien-bug squatter, to a washed up pop star, and a conspiracy-spouting white-dread-sporting cop, the show reflects what we see and experience locally and culturally, but amps it up to ridiculous heights.

Languages: English

18 years and over

Possible triggers: strobe light / volume / depiction of violence, drug use and sexual content / swear words

A production of Choke Hole and Kampnagel Hamburg with Gieza Poke in collaboration with LEAD Productions.
Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste mit Mitteln des Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.